7 Writing Tips to Help You Sound More Human

As a blogger, you will be judged with the aid of everything you assert. Of course, until you’ve just beginning out and have in no way acquired a touch upon your blog, you in all likelihood already realize this.

But did you understand you may also be judged by way of how you say it? Depending on the phrases you use you can stumble upon as truthful or shifty, stiff or cozy, friendly or unfriendly, actual or fake, robotic or human.

And it’s that ultimate one that I’d want to tackle these days by using giving you some writing tips to help you sound extra human. As I’ve said normally, considered one of your dreams as a blogger is to build relationships together with your readers. But that’s not likely to show up (as a minimum now not quickly) if the whole lot you writer makes you sound like a robotic.

And it’s not just blog posts you want to think about. You also need to sound human for your social media posts, your emails, and even within the microcopy you write your internet site which include your 404 page.

So here are ten things you may do to sound less like a robotic and more like a man or women.

Use more contractions

When you’re talking to someone face to face, chances are you’ll use plenty of contractions – “we’re” rather than “we are”, “you’ll” rather or “you’ll” (as I used in this sentence), and so forth

And you have to additionally use them to your weblog posts.

A lot of humans think you want to be extra formal when you’re writing. But as J. Michael Straczynski as soon as said, “Good writing […] is not anything more or much less than speakme on paper. It’s the development of your herbal voice.”

And that is specially proper if you’re writing an apology or delivering bad information. Because in those instances you don’t need to be formal.

You need to be honest.

Use shorter, less complicated, clearer phrases

Like maximum bloggers, you probably need to be known as an authority to your niche. And so you may be tempted to use the fanciest words you can think about to sound more… nicely, authoritative.

And so we choose words and terms such as “make use of”, “incentivize” and “efforting outreach” in preference to “use”, “motivate” and “connecting”.

Unfortunately, it normally has the opposite effect. Thanks to our politicians, we generally associate lengthy phrases and convoluted language with having some thing to cover. And so in place of coming across as an authority, you just come upon as being dishonest.

It also positioned human beings off studying your content material actually because you’re making them paintings too tough to recognize what you’re announcing. Even if they are willing to put inside the attempt, your phrases may additionally surely be too complicated for them to decipher what you’re pronouncing.

Always write the usage of brief, easy phrases that have a clear which means. No-one is going to complain that you made the statistics too clean to recognize.

Don’t use exclamation marks

When you write a sales page to sell a product or service on your blog, you frequently want to generate a bit of excitement with your copy. Unfortunately, loads of people do it by way of ending their sentences with exclamation marks

But tacking on an exclamation mark doesn’t make anything sound exciting. Instead it’s seen as looking to overcompensate. (F. Scott Fitzgerald went up to now as to mention “An exclamation factor is like guffawing at your very own funny story.”)

So don’t use exclamation marks to attempt to create a fake experience of pleasure. Use those quick, easy and clear phrases to create real exhilaration.

Avoid the usage of jargon

Another trap bloggers fall into while looking to sound authoritative is the use of jargon and acronyms in their posts. Yes, it is able to help you get your message across more speedy. But it could also alienate potential readers who’ve no concept of what they suggest. They’ll fast decide you’re not writing for them (or are intentional except for them) and flow on.

And that’s the final element you need to happen.

If you really need to use a specific acronym or industry time period, provide an explanation for what it manner the primary time you use it (e.G. “Make positive you’ve got a clean call to action (CTA) at the cease of your submit”). After that you could use the acronym because the reader will realize what it stands for.

It’s the same with any jargon that you use. If you’re talking approximately tachycardia, then you definitely have to provide an explanation for that it approach a quick coronary heart rate.

And don’t anticipate your readers will recognize what a term method due to the fact you defined it on your preceding put up. They might not have even visible it.

Create a style guide

A related problem is spelling phrases in exclusive approaches inside the equal put up. You can also speak approximately “electronic mail” in a single paragraph, but then refer it to it as “electronic mail” in another. You want to be constant now not simplest to appearance professional, but also to keep away from confusing the reader.

And that’s wherein a style manual is available in.

You can start by choosing a particular dictionary as your “source of fact” for how to spell and hyphenate specific words and terms. But a style guide is going further, and spells out (pardon the pun) such things as:

tone of voice
how to capitalise headlines (name case, sentence case, and so forth.)
when to spell out numbers and when no longer to
whilst no longer to use abbreviations
a way to layout times and dates.
Some companies and authorities corporations make their style publications freely to be had. You can both undertake one among them, or use it as a start line for creating your very own. And then you may maintain including to it as you move alongside.

Hire an editor

Having a fashion guide is one component. Enforcing it’s far every other.

If you’re writing your personal content you can take a look at things as you go to make sure the whole thing is constant. But if you have different people writing content for you, it’s now not as easy. Even if you give all of them a replica of your fashion manual, how will you make certain they’re following it?

This is wherein hiring an editor may be any such help. They’ll go through everybody’s content (consisting of yours) to ensure it’s steady with what’s within the style manual. And if it’s now not, they’ll both restoration it or ask the writer to do it.

They can also proof your content to make certain you haven’t made any embarrassing typos, or even endorse modifications to enhance your copy.

Yes, you could have to pay a person to do it. But having an editor will free up more of your time to jot down content material.

Which would you alternatively be doing?