How to Decide Where to Spend Your Blogging Time

A lot of humans question me how I control to suit the whole lot in – blogging, social media, talking appearances, product improvement, own family lifestyles, and so forth.

Well, the fact is I don’t get to do the whole thing I’d want to. But through the years I’ve evolved abilities and habits which have decreased the amount of crush and pressure about how I spend my time.

And nowadays I’d want to share what I’ve found out, and assist you consciousness on where to spend your blogging time to make your blog a fulfillment.

Opportunity knocks

And it’s now not simply the stuff you do frequently – create content, put up updates on social media, respond to comments, etc. – that you need to find time for. There also are various opportunities which you need to contend with.

Some of these opportunities are greater traditional. Someone can also offer you a visitor submit on their weblog, or an interview on their podcast. You can be asked to talk at an event, or work with a primary brand.

Then there are what I call perceived opportunities – something the whole thing else appears to be doing that makes you think you need to do it too. It can be a brand new social media website online, a new medium, or perhaps some other weblog.

Real of perceived, these possibilities can lead to a extreme case of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Could this be the fortunate wreck I want? If I don’t start doing what every body else is doing now, will I be all the time looking to seize up?

They could be. But they might additionally imply you come to be taking up extra than you need to. Which could lead to a drop within the satisfactory of not simplest your content, but additionally your lifestyles.

Admittedly I can delegate/outsource a number of the stuff that needs to be completed, which offers me greater time than a person who has to do the whole thing themselves. But I nonetheless need to address various opportunities that come my manner. And in quite a few instances I must simply say “No”, whether it’s to someone else or myself.

Yes or no?

Chances are you’re wondering, That/s all well and good. But how do you decide what to say “No” to and what to mention “Yes” to

Sometimes I simply get a slump that it’s something I have to or shouldn’t do. But in most cases I ask myself a chain of questions before I determine, inclusive of…

Do I have time for this?

My life is quite full, and so the answer to this query is usually “No”. People may suppose I even have time to take it on, but I’ve deliberately created a few empty areas in my lifestyles so I can think, play, spend time with my own family, and simply be

What would I give up to take it on?

There are most effective so many hours in an afternoon, and as a way to take something new on usually approach giving something else up. (This is in which having a team can be useful, as I can from time to time supply the possibility to someone else on my team who would do a far better task than I could.)

Does it take me closer to my dreams?

If the possibility will take you towards your dreams, then you definitely should truly recollect it. But if it’ll take you similarly away from them you then should probably say “No”, irrespective of how a laugh or thrilling it is probably.

Will I research something or meet someone useful?

I regularly ask myself this question when I’m deciding whether or not or now not to tackle a talking engagement.

Will this provide me electricity?

Some sports (together with doing stay video) provide me actual electricity improvement that lasts nicely after the occasion is over. And in that time I become exceptionally efficient. So while I may additionally want to spend a bit of time making ready, typical it’s a productiveness win for me.

Will it make a difference to a person else?

While most of the questions I ask are focused on me and my desires, I’m also a massive believer in helping others. It’s what both ProBlogger and Digital Photography School are all approximately

Is it sustainable?

Yes, the opportunity might be quite a few fun and deliver me energy. But in the end, if it’s not sustainable (e.G. Profitable, enjoyable, pleasant), then it’s probably not something I ought to take on.

While it’d extremely good if we should soak up each possibility that comes our way, we sincerely can’t. And so we want to choose what will work pleasant for us, our goals and our lives.

How do making a decision where to spend your running blog time? Let us realize within the comments.