Places to not miss in Thailand that everyone should explore

From mountains and beaches to active cities, national parks rich in wildlife and pleasant cities, everyone can find something to enjoy in Thailand. It is a vacation bucket vacation spot for hundreds of thousands of people and offers some of the best streets in the world. You can escape to the land of smiles and you will definitely not be disappointed.
Some places to visit are:


The country’s largest island and one of the most popular, Phuket, has many faces. You can head towards Patong Sands, as the area is popular for water sports and a lively nightlife. There are also beaches that you can enjoy if this is what you want. You can relax on Karon Beach, take a boat ride to the beautiful Liberty Beach, or watch the stunning views of Kato Beach. When it comes to entertainment, Phuket can offer you clubs and bars of all kinds, restaurants serving international cuisine and world-class shows. You can also participate in activities such as karting, hiking, snorkelling, fishing, and moral interactions with elephants and surfing.


Listed by UNESCO, Ayutthaya is one of the ancient cities of Thailand and a must-see for history lovers. You can easily access the exciting monuments through Bangkok and allow you to travel in time to the golden age of Siam. One of the highlights of Wat Yai Chai Mongkoren city, which contains a long stupa that can be climbed. Visiting the old Portuguese and Dutch regions is also worth a visit, and you can buy some souvenirs from the floating market.


Krabi is one of the most popular provinces in southern Thailand, and can offer a wealth of great experiences on its islands and mainland. Koh Phi Phi is often known as one of the most picturesque islands in Thailand, you should definitely be on your list. Koh Lanta Island is quieter, offering long sandy beaches, mangroves, cozy beach bars, and the Moken community. Some of the less visited islands include Koh Rock and Koh Gom. When it comes to the mainland, Railay is a paradise for rock climbers. Krabi Town gives you a local ambiance, while Ao Nang is a great beach resort.

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son and Myanmar share a remote province and a mountain in northern Thailand. Therefore, you will find that most of the people in the area belong to the Shan ethnic group. The beautiful architecture and nature of the regional city make it one of the best places on your travels. Pai is the province’s main attraction, which is popular with people who love a comfortable life and enjoy nature. It was a popular hangout for a hippie at one time and its main features include hot springs, Pai Canyon, and waterfalls. You can enjoy along the river or go for a walk.

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